FX Pricing Engine

The FX Pricing Engine can communicate directly with middle and back-office systems to ensure that trades are executed efficiently and the requisite records can be created quickly and efficiently. When an order is received, the prices are verified against the live market and the rates are stored. Once the order has been executed, the system is able to communicate directly with other bank systems to ensure that all necessary records have been created and updated, leading an enormous reduction in administrative overheads for customers.

The FX Pricing engine is able to distribute proprietary rates to customers via FIX API, White Label and ECN channels. Each of these individual channels can be managed and monitored separately, placing the maximum level of control in your hands. You can also take advantage of our API to integrate this facility into third party white label products.

Key features

The platform is also able to work with multiple streaming executable rate fields. In these cases, the pricing engine can easily process the full depth of the market to ensure that it is constantly and consistently finding the best bid and offer, subject to the powerful validity filters and rate-staleness that you would expect from a platform of this type.

Real-time functionality

The system’s real-time, streaming, rate-publishing API allows financial institutions to easily create and publish exchange rates for swaps and other symbol-based instruments for their clients. The rules in use can be based on a currency pair, quality, the credit score of the individual customer or any combination of the three depending on your needs and those of your customers. As always, you are in complete control of the services available on your platform to each individual user.