New currencies added to popular platform

Currency Investment Technologies is constantly working to expand and enhance its Unique Liquidity Network and it has taken a major step forward today by adding two major world currencies to the platform. Users of the ULN are now able to trade Chinese Renimbi and Mexican Pesos as well as fourteen other emerging market currencies, alongside some of the world’s more established currency pairs.

The two currencies are the latest additions to the platform and follow on from the introduction of several other currencies, including:

  • Czech koruna
  • Polish Zloty
  • Russian ruble.

Whilst Currency Investment Technologies offers all major currencies on its Unique Liquidity Network, it has found that there is a particular demand for underserved currency pairs from emerging markets. Karl Rosenblatt, the co-founder, and president of Currency Investment Technologies gave some more details about the trading picture that the company has experienced over the last year and the currency pairs that are seeing the most activity on the platform.

The outlook for the platform

“We have been adding currencies since the beginning of the year,” he says. “China, Mexico, ruble, shekel and rand, those are the big growers. Turkish has stayed very strong.”

The Currency Investment Technologies CEO did not give any specifics on the volumes of particular currencies that had been traded using the platform but did reveal that the Turkish Lira is the number one pair in the ULN, sitting marginally behind the far more established USD/JPY in terms of volume. “While the ULN services all currency pairs, we are focused on the delivery of underserviced and EM pairs,” he says.”

The platform also sees a high level of activity amongst Scandinavian currencies, with the Norwegian and Swedish kroner being particularly strong amongst its traders.