About us

At Currency Investment Technologies we specialize in developing of professional software to give our clients the advantage in what is already a highly competitive marketplace. We focus on banking and brokerage and we offer our services with all support to counterparties. Our experience and professional skills is the key for our clients success.

Our advantages

  • Full-stack analytics
  • Full support for institutional clients
  • FX Management
  • Work with the leading banks and LP
  • Custom FX Solutions

Our Team

The management team has years of experience in the market and are committed to driving the company toward future growth and meeting the needs of our clients. Our CEO, Karl Rosenblat, has been with the company since he first established the business almost 25 years ago. In that time, he has worked with a highly-skilled team in order to grow the highly successful business that it has now become.

Other key figures at Currency Investment Technologies include the Chief Financial Officer William Bailey, who joined the company in 2010 and Lewis Parks, who came to the company after a number of roles at financial institutions in London including Citi and Barclays.

Our products

Our products is a full-stack solutions for financial institutes providing services for banking and brokerage. Our Aggregator can be used for Prime Brokerage (PB) purposes as well as Dealing Desk with the automatic addition of broker charges. High liquidity, fast execution, wide settings, diversity of Liquidity Providers (LP) give the necessary 24 hours safe dealing.