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Outperform your FX competition using the most innovative solutions for workflow management and advanced execution
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Currency Investment Technologies

Currency Investment Technologies, is one of the world’s most innovative FX technology provider. We offer solutions for trading, workflow management and advanced execution that allows to our clients be on the edge of market. Our systems are totally custom and we provide a full range of support service for our clients. With total control over the GUI, you’ll be able to set up a conditions and environment according business requirements. We give you the whole spectrum of tools to make your business successful.


White Label

We offer a White Label trading terminals for your business. No need to store a data center and staff.

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FX Pricing Engine

Engine has been developed to perform seamless integration with any type of data provider and is flexible to allow broadcasting into any channel or terminal type.

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Our vision

At Currency Investment Technologies we specialize in developing of professional software for banks, institutional clients and individuals. We focus on banking and brokerage and we offer our services with full support to our clients. Our experience and professional skills is the key for our clients success.

Our advantages
  • Full-stack analytics
  • Full support for institutional clients
  • FX Management
  • Work with the leading banks and LP
  • Custom FX Solutions

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